Get ready to embark on a culinary adventure that celebrates the humble spud like never before! Potato Week 2024 is just around the corner, and we’re inviting YOU to savor the extraordinary versatility of everyone’s favorite tuber.

From March 1 to 10, local restaurants throughout Manitoba will transform into potato palaces, crafting mouthwatering dishes that showcase the endless possibilities of this beloved vegetable.

🍽️ Cast Your Vote

Throughout the week, you get to be the judge. Sample the inventive potato masterpieces at participating restaurants and cast your vote for the dish that makes your taste buds dance. Your opinion matters, and your favorite creation could be crowned the Potato Week 2024 Champion!

🥔 Root for Local Growers and Restaurants

Potato Week isn’t just about delicious bites; it’s also a chance to shine a spotlight on local growers and restaurants. By participating, you’re supporting the dedicated individuals who cultivate the potatoes that inspire the innovative dishes crafted by local chefs.

🤝 Share the Spud Love

Invite your friends, family, and fellow foodies to join in the Potato Week festivities. Let’s make this celebration a community-wide affair, bringing people together one delicious spud at a time.

Mark your calendars for March 1 to 10, because Potato Week 2024 is set to be a feast for the senses! Come, indulge, vote, and celebrate the incredible world of potatoes with us.